Cat Tree Maddness

Anyone ever owning a cat or two, you are very familiar with the damage that can be done to the furniture, especially the sofas! (I admit, dogs can be much worse but tough luck, this is about cats.) Some of the owners are luckier than others, I am the latter. So I had to come up with some sort of solution, an alternative to the sofa arm rests that so resembled an appealing scratching pole and attracted the destructive claws. Unfortunately, the true scratching poles around the flat were coldly ignored and did not do the job therefore it needed to be something bigger and clearly more interesting, as my cats, Tommy and Trini, signalled to me. Cat tree it was!

Conducting a search for the right one took some time. There were preferences in place, mainly by me, of course! It had to be just the right size, I did not intend to give up my second bedroom to be the “children’s” room. The colors and material had to match the surroundings and MY taste – no way I was going to buy some of those tacky plush trees. Then of course the cost needed to be right, I love my babies to death but they already eat better than I. And lastly, with a dear consideration for the purpose of this tree, the scratching opportunities and some hiding space for fun was a must.

I could not believe what sorts of creative cat trees and cat walls are out there! You can have an elaborate shelves construction built into your walls to form a giant walk-through for your moggies. Forget the cats (no offence my dears) but I want that loft for myself.

Credit to Treehugger.
Credit to Treehugger.

Or you can have a cat tree that actually looks like a tree. It’s really lovely looking but somehow I see my cats not so attracted to it.

Cat tree
Credit to Pet Tree Houses

Or forget any replicas, just go for the real tree.

cat tree
Credit to

After few days of deliberation, I have discovered just the right thing for my darlings as well as myself. Just the right combination of style and utility – good amount of opportunities for the climbing and hiding activities for the active Tommy and snuggly space for lazy Trini. The cat tree had to be assembled and while that was not my favorite part, it was clearly attractive to my curious creatures, especially the large box it came in. But progressing with the assembly, they started to discover the true purpose of the commotion and to my liking, they liked it too. An hour later, fully constructed and with no screws or omitted parts left, the tree was up and just perfect. Now what? Clearly the most important part – how to lure the felines onto it. Turned out, no difficulties here at all. The never-disappointing catnip, once again, came to the rescue. You can see for yourself in my home made video and fun music. Make sure you have the volume on, makes the whole difference!

And now off to the garden to plant some tomatoes and strawberries!

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