Cat’s Resting Places

Cats certainly are not picky about the places they choose for their 20 hours a day rest. But it must be a warm spot – by the radiator in a winter or in the sun during the summer – and warming each other up only adds to the comfort level. Since my cats were little kittens, they enjoyed each other’s company and till this day they cuddle together, groom each other (mostly Tommy, the tabby boy, grooming Trini, the black girl), chase each other, eat together and occasionally fight with each other. Lately, there has been some hissing and growling as well, feisty girl Trini at Tommy, upon his return from the vet visit. I presume Tommy’s new scent, Vet No. 5, did not suit her sophisticated nose. But all to normal after just couple of days.

Cats sleeping
New large window panel. Great for sleeping but birds and buzzing bees watching as well.


Naughty Trini, showing off her white belly mark.


Resting on a couch. That blanket was a present from my family, to me! I guess they win.


Cat tree
Checking out the new cat tree. Sorry Tommy, but this ended up being Trini’s spot in the end.


Here she goes.


Relaxing cat computer
Someone doesn’t want me to work!


Here I am clearly being told that no more traveling is allowed!
Resting on a rattan chair. Only minutes before traveling across the Atlantic Ocean. If they only knew, they would not be so relaxed!


Resting by the pillows has always been Tommy’s frequent spot.


Their first day at home, upon the adoption from a shelter. As spontaneous as it was to get kittens, on my way from a weekend brunch, I was not equipped at all. Therefore an old towel and fuzzy sweater did the magic.

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