Home Made Baileys

It’s the time of a year when the focus is on parties with festive food and drinks and this might just be a wonderful addition to the list. I remember once visiting home (from living abroad) and my mum asked me “Do you want some of my Baileys?” And I asked “Yours?” So she as a matter of fact responded “Yes, I made some.” And there I learnt the secret I never knew existed and I am ready to share (I think.) But only because it’s Christmas! So how does one make a homemade Baileys? Let’s get to it then.


  • 2 cans condensed sweetened milk (396g or 14oz each)
  • 125 – 150ml single cream
  • 500ml dark Rum or Brandy (according to your liking)
  • 1L empty bottle with stopper (or any bottle with lid)
  • Whisk
  • Strainer
  • Funnel

The ingredients

Preparation Steps:

1. Boil the two cans of condensed milk in pot with water, fully submerged, for 1.5 hours. It is important to have the cans fully covered by water to evenly caramelised the milk within. Once it gets to a boil, lower the heat and simmer it slowly. You can cover it with a lid to prevent excessive evaporation.

Caramelising the Milk

2. Take it out of the pot and leave it to cool off for at least 30min.

3. Open the cans to check upon the colour. It should be a light caramel shade. If it’s not at the top, make sure to poke deep as it might only be the surface that was not under water.

Golden caramel

4. Pour the caramelised milk into a large bowl using a spatula to get as much out as possible (nope, you don’t want to waste a bit!) With a whisk, stir it evenly into a smooth creamy paste.

Whisking the caramel

5. Once it’s a nice and smooth texture, add cooled cream to it. Original recipe calls for 125ml so you can start with that but you can always add to it more at the end to finish it to the texture you prefer. Mix it slowly and thoroughly in.

Adding the cream

6. Now it’s time for the best ingredient! I make it usually with a good dark Rum but you can substitute it with an alcohol of your liking such as Brandy. I used 500ml but again, it is entirely up to you how much you add to it. Again, mix it thoroughly in. At this stage, if you wish to have it lighter, you can add more of the cream.

Adding the liquor!

7. And you are almost done! It just needs to get bottled, chilled and enjoyed! There might be few little clumps in the mix so to make it perfectly smooth, run it through a strainer. Add a funnel to your bottle, set the strainer on top of it and run the baileys slowly through it.

Straining into a bottle

8. Voil√†! You just made your own Baileys at home in no time. Wasn’t it so easy? Now you can impress all your friends and family and indulge yourself in this delicious dessert drink. In terms of preservation, there are no eggs in it, as it is in an eggnog, so you don’t have to worry that much about getting sick from it. It does last several weeks in a fridge and it’s well preserved with the alcohol. But if you are addicted to it only fractionally as much as I do, you won’t have to worry about anything as it will NOT LAST LONG!

Ready Baileys


Serve it in a small glass with a cube of ice.

Chin chin


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