Padam Padam Padam

One of my latest ambitions is learning French. As I will be spending seven weeks in South of France, in only two months, I better put little bit more effort into it! It has proven to be rather difficile language. Not because of the verbs nor the sentence structure nor the noun genders, all that I have encountered in other languages I have learnt before and let me just say German for instance was neither easy nor quick to learn, but I managed. I am not so bad with languages, if I might say myself, but French is different. I am not getting the pronunciation and the continuity of words blended all together. It’s the first time I am learning such type of language so it will take some time and effort, and I better stick around. I am truly hoping that being on location and thrown under the bus so to speak, I will pick it up with a greater success. But for now, I opted for a rather creative solution to help me out.

I love the “la musique française” of the 20s – 50s, the Café de Paris style, so why not to combine it with a bit of education at the same time. Just listening to it won’t help, of course, therefore I have tried to create my first lyrics video with English translation to help me out with the studying. Apart from the fact that it was quite fun creating it, I am secretly hoping it will also assist with the learning. If not, there is no hope for me!

First choice, who else than the goddess of French music, Edith Piaf and her Padam, Padam song which I really enjoy but need to take a break from now as I have played it too many times during the video construction and I don’t want to get tired of it. But hope you enjoy it and maybe will learn a word or two as well, although I think Edith is making French even harder!

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