Richmond Park

What a spring awakening! I have finally felt it in the air with birds chirping cheerfully, children happily screaming and running around in their jackets wide open, squirrels swirling around tree trunks and swinging in the branches, crows (exactly, instead of the usual pigeons) stealing my food from the table, colourful flowers peeking through everywhere around me and even people tanning! (A bit too much for me but let them enjoy it.) Even the dogs seemed happier but then again, if you let a dog off the leash, he’ll be the most grateful even in -10º C. This was in Richmond Park, the largest of London’s Royal Parks and second largest overall.

I quite enjoy watching squirrels and their playful manners. I once saw a documentary film on these little creatures and how persistent they are until they learn to reach the exact spot they are aiming for. The producers made their nut inaccessible, then observed and recorded their behaviour. Impressively, no matter how difficult it was was to each their new spot, they always found a way to get there, through many obstacles and barriers. It took them some while to figure it out sometimes, but once they did, it sort of became their new skills and interestingly, never failed to get to that new point again. squirrel

Even though I have seen more than enough of them, I am still in awe when I encounter a field of daffodils. They are just such happiness inducing flowers. They do however become just a tad smelly when left in the vase for a notch too long. Yet I still find them precious.



 I was really hoping to find some cherry blossoms as they are my favourite sign of spring. I found just one and lonely tree but the little girl with a matching pink jacket playing on the steps made the photo special. It will have to be a separate trip to Kew Gardens to explore the arched tree rows of blossoms.


 And beautifully vibrant flowers everywhere, bloodroot, forsythia or peonies. But I cannot wait for more of them to start blooming and fill the parks and gardens.

white-flowers pink-flower tree

And just underneath one of the peonies, I found a lone grave that I am guessing has been laid  for a dear dog friend named Boy. Let me know if you think I have completely lost it! I find it fascinating that it’s from 1907.


The next few miles were filled with a walk through the plains, by the most bizarrely shaped trees, passing by hollow and abandoned tree trunks (one in particular rarely shaped as a snake, or an eel if you pretend it’s under a water),  then further around a pond, through the moss and into the forest.













Just when passing across the moss, I knee down to take a photo through the tall grass, spontaneous idea. And there it was, one very curious bull terrier decided to explore my camera while I was kneeling to take the next photo. And it didn’t help that my clothes smelled after cats. Whether I felt threatened or not, my instinct made me stop myself in tracks and just give him a frozen smile only hoping he is just as friendly as he seems. Then an elderly lady came to lure him away from me and I figured he must be harmless. Nonetheless, I felt respect.


I quite enjoy the next shot. The combination of the bare branches with blue sky seeping through, pure nakedness.


Now it’s time for few panoramic photos. With so many observation points around the park and wide plains all around, it was only natural to turn to panorama.

jezera klady panorama2 panorama

Spring awakening, let’s feel the love in the air!


coupleAnd now it’s time for some fun photos, captured along the way. This doggie was a one happy pal and would not in the slightest way worry about the muddiness around him.


Four little monkey swinging in a tree, one fell off (literally) and bumped his knee. Mama calls the doctor and the doctor says, no more monkeys swinging in a tree! (This nursery song just came to me at the sight of the boys.)kluci

More monkeys playing in a tree, but a bit overgrown monkeys (meaning adults.) I don’t think children would approve.sitting-on-tree

These geese were quite vocal and funny to watch so here it was I grabbed an empty bench and enjoyed the moment.geese

Walking around just a little bit more, the sun was hiding by now, I looked up to the sky and wished I had a hammock next to me so I could lay down and enjoy the view of the fluffy clouds along with the sound of crows and other, better chirping birds. But there was no hammock so I made my way to the main gate, hopped on a bus, got a decaf mocha, ran for a direct train to London Waterloo, caught my tube and found myself home 90 minutes later. Such small is London.

cloudsHappy Spring!

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